As a Maker I am inspired by not only Makers like me but Artists from all mediums. I want to explore what sparks my interests and makes me want to create something of my own. I have many friends that are very creative and some that even call themselves Artists. In each of us is a creative soul and I am fascinated by how that manifests itself. Working with your hands, like my mechanic husband, is art. He can see beauty in the order of an engine and how it all works together. The beginner Crafter inspires me because something caused them to learn something new. Is it necessity or did they feel the draw in their spirit to create. The seasoned Artist trying new techniques or new materials because they can gives me confidence to try to think outside the box.

I am primarily a paper Crafter and it fills the creative ache. Trying to stretch myself led me to create this blog. Exploring others will inspire me to spread my wings, and hopefully connect with others along the journey.

Made for my first grandson.


I have dabbled in many mediums and have taken these experiences and incorporated them into my projects. I am by no means an expert and often I try and fail. That’s all part of the process I want to share. Often we look at the slick blogs and YouTube videos and we don’t see what it took to get to perfection. Then we try to recreate the project and we fail or worse don’t think we measure up. We have all seen Pinterest fails and I have more than a few under my belt. I want to share what I have learned and keep it real. I will show you my failures, often humorous, along with projects I am proud of even if they are not perfect.

Made for the sweetheart table at my daughters wedding.