About Us

Our Approach

I want to share my experiences and share stories of Makers that inspire me.

Our Story

For years I have been involved in the scrapbook and paper crafting community. With my background as an educator and store owner I wanted to explore what made this hobby so compelling to me. When I started looking at what made me happy in this area it was more than the process of creating for myself. It was the inspiration and energy I received from talking to other creative types. What made them tick and filled their cup. It was also the hunt for new products and how artists are thinking outside the box and stretching themselves. All of this fills me with an excitement and I wanted to share.

Meet the Team

I’m a solo artist but nothing gets done without help.


Chief Inspection Officer – All materials are inspected and approved before use.


Chief Moral Booster – Constant companion and moral support.

Luna and Oscar

Quality Control AKA The Monster Squad – Bringers of chaos and destruction. Can anything survive the quality testing?