My Why

Growing up I was influenced by the women in my life and their creativity. My Grandmother could make something out of nothing, being a child of the Great Depression, and we made fanciful and even useful toys out of what others would consider trash. Remember potato block printing, macaroni necklaces and bird feeders from milk jugs? We did it all! On top of that she taught me how to sew and cook and there was never a shortage of materials to be creative. My grandparents lived on several acres in the country and had an older home on the property that was unlivable but usable that my sister named the Sugar Shack. This was a magical building that served as a summer kitchen and had infinite treasures to keep a young girl occupied on summer afternoons.

Grandma and Grandpa also had a beautiful garden that was probably an acre and there would be many times when we would sit down to supper and there would be a knock on the door with someone wanting to buy produce. Many hot summer days were spent snapping peas and shucking corn under the huge tree, sometimes while swinging with my dog Sam by my side.

Summers spent with my grandparents gave me a courage and belief that I could do anything, that I could create anything as long as I had imagination. Today I tackle projects with that same belief. As my friend Laura says there are no mistakes just happy accidents.

I started this page to explore how creative I can be and how I can challenge that creativity. I hope to share my own inspirations, makers who I admire and even a few of my own designs. Lets see how this will grow!


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