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Making cards for the men in my life is one of my favorite things to do. Men don’t receive a lot of cards or handmade gifts from anyone but their kids and I love the look of surprise and delight when they open something made especially for them.

Finding stamps and materials, while it’s becoming easier, can still be a challenge. Often stamp companies will have one or two sets that should fit every male in your circle or you are left searching out something very specific to one man in your life. There are several stamp companies that I adore (Unity and Rubbernecker Stamps) that will be featured for their stamps that I have used over and over but I also want to explore using the stamps we already have and creating a more neutral or masculine card.

How do we use what we already have and be creative? How can we adapt these materials and come up with new uses? Like many of you I love buying new stamps and supplies but it is not always in the budget. Besides I live in the back of nowhere so unless I plan for a specific project I can’t just run to the nearest store and pick up supplies. Many of my favorite projects are when I didn’t have the latest and greatest and had to use my creativity to match the need.

This will be an ongoing theme on my blog and will have a home all it’s own with lots of examples and tutorials to come. I am excited to spread my wings and come up with even more new ideas!


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