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Paper Monster part II

So iced tea at the ready and the Team by my side it was time to dive in. I decided I wanted to use vertical storage instead of the 12×12 Iris cases I had been using. I am tired of digging through a stack of paper to find what I am looking for and paper tends to get bent if I’m not careful. I had already used vertical magazine holders to hold my paper stacks so I am going to build on this.

Main supplies: 12×12 magazine holders, Post-It flags, Clear pocket pages, starting list of categories

First I wrote all of my categories on the post it flags and labeled a pocket page with each one. The list I referenced was alphabetical and I made a label even if I didn’t think I had paper to match. It as easy to pull of the flag an relabel as needed. For instance there was a music and a band label, my kids were both in Marching Band so I had a lot of themed paper and I changed the themes to Music and Marching Band. There were areas where I only had one or two papers, such as golf and bowling, so I combined them into one sports page.

Labeling my pocket pages

Once I organized two boxes of patterned paper I realized I had a lot of paper that didn’t fit in these themes. I love distressed and vintage looking papers but I can’t put them all in one pocket. So back to the Totally-Tiffany hand outs and she suggested to put these in with your colored card stock as each pattern has a dominant color. Makes sense to me sore more sorting takes place. While I do have a few outliers this system worked beautifully and will not only be easy for me to find what I’m looking for it will be easy to maintain!

Some of my outliers are page kits and paper that has a unique theme that I want to stay together like my Creative Imaginations – Busted Collection – 12×12 Paper – Who Me? I bought this to use on pages for my son but I didn’t want it to hide in my boy paper so it got a category of it’s own,

This deserved a pocket all it’s own.

So what about paper stacks and page kits you say? Well these are organized by color or theme behind the pocket pages. Specialty paper gets a pocket all it’s own and I may even divide it down to hand made paper and other specialty paper.

Once the paper is sorted I will have three basic categories: Color, Calendar and Theme. All of these will receive a permanent label and will be stored in my magazine holders.



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