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The Paper Monster

Well you saw just a portion of my scrap studio but what I didn’t show you was the many containers that hold my paper supplies. Patterned paper is a vice and I can’t pass up a new piece when it catches my eye. Also remember I had a small scrapbook store so I have at least two pieces from every paper I kept in stock as part of my stash. This add up to an overwhelming amount of paper!

Part of organizing my studio is taming the paper monster. This past weekend I finally came up with a system that I think will work with the way I create and started the process. I watched all kinds of YouTube videos and searched Pinterest for ideas and what I settled on is a combination of several well known styles.

Vertical space is at a premium in my studio at the moment so I pulled a couple of boxes of 12×12 paper and the supplies I was using to the kitchen table. Keeping it real I still like to craft on my kitchen table. Now that I am nestled in with my supplies, an iced tea and a series of podcasts to listen to I’m ready. The team is nearby, Benson at my feet, although the Monster Squad is more interested in sniffing everything.

I love Jennifer McGuire https://www.jennifermcguireink.com/blog Her studio is beautiful and I find her style matches how I create so of course she is my first stop when looking for ideas. My 8 1/2 x 11 paper and stamp storage are organized using her methods and it works beautifully. Since I have a lot of patterned paper I needed a little more structure to how I stored this than just by color. Lots of searching I decided on a combination using Totally-Tiffany Get Organized challenge https://www.totally-tiffany.com/classes/get-organized-challenge/. Her webinars are free and while I am using different supplies (some new but most what I had on hand) it gives me a frame work for my project.



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